Watercolor Splotch Shape
Elegant Detailed Monoline Lighthouse at Sunrise Scenery Illustration

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Storytelling & Design



diamond suit
diamond suit

Maaike Elisa

Weaving stories throughout life, connecting narratives and souls is what this creative lighthouse of a woman loves most. By letting words, images and sound reinforce each other to tell stories that touch the heart. By looking into one another's eyes and allowing the spark of curiosity and enthusiasm to create space for attention, recognition, connection and playful co-creation.

Modern Art Design Frame
Hand-Painted Elegant Muted Watercolor Swashes

Book design | 'Recognize your light in me'

A golden bookcover with paper seeds inside, words in

chocolat brown with light language in woven sentences

Thank you for being you.

Cosmic Vintage Sun Moon and Stars

With love,

Maaike Elisa


for new projects & co-creations

envelope with heart
Simple Shadow Texture Background